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Act and Policies

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1 Architech (Providing facilities to the Graduate Architectures to encourage them to work as Contractors.)
2 Awarding of works (Providing Facilities to Engineer contractors without calling for Tender-By modification of circular No.292M dt.04.01.1992 read with office Memorandum No.2431 2ltirl dt.28.09. 1 993 of Works Department .)
3 Cdms- O.M.. (lnsertion of Provision of Contractor Data Base Management System (CDMS) in Appendix-lx (A)of the Odisha Public Works Department Code, Volume-ll .)
4 Change of registraion fee & duplicate copy
5 Committee consisting order
6 Concession of sc&st contractor (Grant of Concession (s)to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Contractors.)
7 Contractor registration financial limit (Amendment to Rure-3 of Appendix-Vlll of the odisha pubric works Department code,Volume-ll (Public Works Department Contractors Registration Rules_1967))
8 Eligibility criteria of Super & Special class (Amendment to Rule-s of Appendix-Vlll of the Odisha Public Works Department Code, Volume-ll by substitution.)
9 Form-A_Form-H
10 Registration Fees
11 Renewal Fee
12 Renewal penalty clause
13 Renewal process- participate tender
14 Security Deposit Amount